Tell us a bit about yourself…

I moved to Brighton about 2 years ago and started working at Wolf & Gypsy Vintage - a curated vintage shop in Brighton’s North Laine. I’ve also been assisting stylists for a while now and recently amped it up and started styling my own shoots. I’m really enjoying creating concepts and putting teams together although it can be quite daunting. I’ve always loved clothes and am interested in what people wear and how they put their outfits together but never really thought of it as a career. It still never really feels like work!

What inspires you?

I definitely feel most open to inspiration when I get out and about and pay attention to what’s happening around me. I get to meet so many people that I’m inspired by on set and the people I’ve met through the shop. I’m inspired by people who are collaborative, passionate and innovative; people who are working hard, because it makes me feel lazy if I’m not working equally as hard. Visually I’m inspired by the editorials in magazines like Office, Document, Jungle and POP. I can also get stuck in a Pinterest hole for hours. 


What makes you happy?

Blue skies and hot hot hot weather. Like really hot, Arizona hot. When the clocks go forward and it’s still light as I leave work! Swimming in the sea, Christmas Eve, purchasing something I’ve had my eyes on for what feels like forever, attention to detail, good exhibitions, buying a bouquet of fresh flowers, Reverberation Radio podcasts, driving back home to Peterborough to see family. I’m always happy to meet whippets and also when cats like me, that genuinely feels like an accomplishment because they’re so damn moody. 

Who is your style icon and why?

I pretty much always prioritise comfort when I’m getting dressed so I’m drawn to women like Erin Wasson and Camille Rowe - their style is very LA which I’m a sucker for. I love classic pieces, pieces that I’ll be wearing for years. Really good denim! I’m also obsessed with Gilda Ambrosio and Leandra Cohen - they’re both super, super chic but they make it look effortless. I don’t think it’s always as simple as picking out good clothes to wear that makes good style though, it’s a lot about how people carry themselves and their ‘energy’ which I feel all the women above embody. Jemima Kirke too! She’s the ultimate girl crush. 


What are you listening to and reading at the moment?

I’m obsessed with Reverberation Radio podcasts at the moment, highly recommend if you just want to plug your phone in and discover new music. No adverts or talking too, bonus! 

My boyfriend finished The Goldfinch recently and he’s been raving about it so I’m making a start on that. 

I like reading but I’m generally more interested in visuals and I digest articles and stories better in magazines. I have stacks dotted around my house from the past years, I just can’t bring myself to throw any away! The theme for the latest Jungle issue is resilience. There’s some really interesting and insightful conversations in there. 

What do you like about SIDELINE?

Every piece from SIDELINE can be worn year after year, they’re totally timeless. I really love how all the collections are so carefully considered when it comes to fabrics, silhouettes and colour palettes. SIDELINE feels like a brand that is everything to someone (not something for everyone) so every single piece feels like there’s a lot of time and love put in to creating it with the customer in mind. 


Libby wears this seasons Beth Jacket and Rue Jeans.