Tell us a bit about yourself…

I write a blog called The Lewes Home which celebrates architecture, interiors and the creative people of Lewes, East Sussex where I live with my partner Will and our three young children. I also work as a Social Media Manager for a number of clients.

What inspires you?

I am lucky enough to have friends - smart, talented and driven women - who inspire me every day. I’m also increasingly looking to the natural environment around me for inspiration. I have a personal passion for interiors and love that people can share their personal style via platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. I collect a vast amount of images that inspire me from there.  


What makes you happy?

Oh wow there is so much I could say here that I love to see and do, although the things that make me deeply happy are usually the simplest things: a log fire and a glass of wine, standing still on the beach with my eyes closed to feel the sun on my face. Peaceful moments make me happy, seeing my children race through the countryside with rosy red cheeks and free spirits, Will’s sense of humour. Standing on a summit of the South Downs and feeling so small and insignificant and just in awe of it all. I could go on…

Who is your style icon and why?

As a young woman I had a fascination for the women of the French New Wave – particularly the late Jean Seberg, Francois Hardy and Anna Karina. Still now, I find their easy style painfully cool, made even more so by their rebellious nonchalance. Uncluttered fabrics with classic lines - casual but quietly elegant. The clothes they wore were flattering but never took centre stage – that was always left to the women themselves, which is how it should be, I think.


What are you listening to and reading at the moment?

I have just bought myself a copy of Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm - a novel written in the 1930s and set in my local area, this follows a period of interest in Virginia Woolf who also lived locally to me. I am enjoying seeing Sussex through the eyes of others. I listen a lot to Radio 6 Music and love being introduced to a variety of new music through their playlists. The stand-out act for me at the moment is Big Thief.

What do you like about SIDELINE?

SIDELINE always hits the spot with regards to colour palette and style. The designs are current without being brash or pretentious and at the same time they have an enduring style which means I will come back to them time and time again. I love to know that I am wearing something that has been carefully crafted and will last for years.

Jo wears this seasons Libby Top  and pink Jenny Culottes.