Tell us a bit about yourself...

I trained as a painter and now run a collaborative design studio, Denman & Gould, housed in a converted church in the Dorset countryside with my partner Russell Denman. We work together to make contemporary craft, furniture and textile design as well as our own individual and collaborative visual art. 

What inspires you?

Art. People who are dedicated to their creativity in whatever way that is expressed. I look to artists like Louise Bourgeoise, Eva Hesse, Gunta Stolzl, Agnes Martin, Louise Bristow, Lara Viana, Noemie Goudal and Grayson Perry. I have a real resonance to the quietness and simplicity of Scandinavian art and culture. I love the strange, strong quality of light that is unique to the North which you can really see in Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi’s paintings. I am always inspired by architectural forms from unusual places like Soviet Russia, where there is a lot of creativity within limited resources. 

What makes you happy?

Swimming, exploring new places or ideas, the sea, my family, making work at my studio listening to woman’s hour, getting into a really good book, big landscapes, camping with my friends, following footpaths, finding good exhibitions, making cups of tea outside on a camp stove.

Who is your style icon and why?

I love looking at women who have an inherent sense of style that is true to themselves, like Fiona Cribben - an Irish designer who is so playful with her work and has such an individual style. I have a deep love for Patti Smith. I admire her strength and the way she expresses that art is everywhere and it is about seeing, she always looks amazing in jeans and a tee shirt and is getting older in a way thats very gracious. I have a circle tattooed on my forearm after seeing her perform to remind myself of what she represents. I love to look at types and styles of clothing from indigenous societies across the world, from hill tribes in Nepal to Inuit societies to Japanese traditional dress and Nordic design. 

What are you listening to and reading at the moment?

At the moment I’m hooked on listening to Scout Niblett It's up to Emma. It's stripped back, raw and completely transcendental and is a perfect example of someone who is completely true to themself. I love Cat Power’s Sun Album and Julian Cope’s Revolutionary suicide - his is a refreshing voice of sanity in our strange political times.

I’ve just finished reading The Mandarins by Simone De Beauvoir which I have loved. It explores themes of feminism, existentialism and personal morality following characters as they navigate through a political landscape, shifting relationships and exploring their place in the class structure. I’m a big fan of Simone!

What do you like about Sideline?

Probably my favourite piece in my wardrobe is my Pia Kimono jacket, an indigo jacket that has beautiful embroidery detailing that feels very contemporary and timeless at the same time, people always compliment it! I live in my high waisted grange trousers, the cut feels very flattering and they make everyday a bit more special. I love that Sideline draws inspiration from traditional Japanese textiles but makes it feel very contemporary and signature ‘Sideline’ with beautifully thoughtful colour combinations, interesting cuts, fabrics and detailing that feels special in an understated way.

Eleanor wears the Grange Trousers from Spring/Summer 17.